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Pink Manicure : Summer Flowers Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners

29 Mei 2014
Hai everyone...

It has been long time since my last post about nail art. This one is actually last month nail art. Just now have time to post about it.

Since it's summer time... bright nail color looks like suit the season. This nail art is just basic flowers nail art *the only nail art I can do right now*.  I really love the Mint Candy Apple from Essie which is base color for this nail art.

How to do it?

1. Paint your nail with base color. I wear Mint Candy Apple from Essie nail polish

2. With dotting tools and white nail polish create a flower kinda like cloud shape

3. In the middle,  dot a circle using nude color

4. Around that circle, swipe your dotting tools and create 3 c shape around it

5. Between the "c" shape create the leaf using green polish

It's quite simple and easy for beginners.  As you can see that my result is far away from perfect.  I always said that nail art is all about practice. I am really encourage you to start learning about nail art from now.

Products I Use

Base coat : Etude House Help my finger

Top coat : Seche Vite

Base color : Mint Candy Apple from Essie Nail Polish

Nude color : Vanilla Silk from Ellianto Nail Colour

Flower color : Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Vivid in shade Cherry Pink (03)

Leaf color : The More The Merrier from Essie Nail Polish

Here is the Result, Please excuse my dry cuticle 

That is for Today nail art tutorial, If you trying this kindly mention me to Instagram or Twitter @jeanmilka.

Reader : Do you know any cuticle product for dry cuticle? I almost used up my last Cuticle Balm *check out my cuticle balm here* and I am on hunt for another cuticle product for my dry cuticle... Kindly comment down bellow if you have any suggestion.

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Jean Milka
10 komentar on "Pink Manicure : Summer Flowers Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners"
  1. Jeaannnn lucuk cekaliiikkk.. pakekkk-iiinnnn *sodorin tangan*

    1. Yuks yuks.. Kapan-kapan ketemuan main2 yukkssss...

  2. Ce jean bikinnya rapi bangeett ,bagusss ^^

    1. Mudah kok.. Cobain dech.. lama2 pasti biasa... hehehe...

  3. wah rapih banget!! suka banget sama pattern kaya gini XD

    1. Iya aku juga suka banget flowers and pastel.. hehehe...

  4. so stunning, jean!
    jadi pengen deh coba kutekan sendiri dirumah hehe :D

    1. Cobain dech... lama-lama akan biasa kok... hehehe.. trus pas cobain mention aku yah.. hehehe...

  5. Hi boleh nanya ngga biasanya beli essie nail polish dimana? thanks xD

    1. Biasanya aku di IG : Licarika, houseofpolish, atau ke


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