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Event Report : Let's Create Beauty Together with Cosmekita

01 Mei 2014
Hay Beauty Blogger and Beauty Lover..

I am back with another event report. Last Sunday, I was attended first launch of Cosmekita at Akmani Hotel, Jakarta.  

Have you ever hear anything about Cosmekita? I believe most of Indonesian Beauty Blogger already know this name...
Cosmetika was founded by Carmelia and her brother, Kenny. The basic idea behind Cosmekita is a place where you can find suitable product for you

The event start with introduction by Kenny Erawan Tjahyadi as one of the founder. I am quite impress with the idea behind Cosmekita. As you know most woman in this world are not really understand about beauty. Every woman always asking about which product I should use?

If someone asking me typical questions like what is the best product? I will answer with "Depends". Every person have different skin type and skin problem, so what is the best product will depends on your skin. That's why, if you smart enough, you will search for a review before you decide to bought a product.

Cosmekita comes to make it easier for us to get information about the product. Instead of google-ing to find the review, Cosmetika will be like a beauty book for us.

There will be 4 Type of Usher who will get advantages from using


1. It will be easier for user to find product review
2. User can find their favorite blogger and know more about them
3. Not only review, user also can get the information where they can buy the product

1. Blogger will act as people who review about the product
2. you might get promotion or endorsement from the vendor
3. User will visit you blog and it will increase blog traffic

1. Vendor can introduce their product by sampling and get review by the blogger
2. Review will be one of market research tools where vendor can get market opinion
3. with Cosmekita, vendor also can monitor the market trend and potential re-seller

1. Shop can get a chance to be a re-seller
2. Since user will get the information about shop, that means shop can get potential customer

This event also enlivened by Olga, one of popular make up artist who is officially sponsored by Anastasia Beverly Hills. She was share the technique how to shape and fill your brow. *I am really suck in this... should pay more attention for my brow*

There is also a demo from professional make up artist and hair stylish from Japan. 

What is this? So if I am not wrong, this is one of fashion trend at Japan. It's basically a tattoo sticker that can apply to your skin as part of accessories, make up, or anything. It's looks like gold sticker.

Here it is.. as you can see.. the finish is just like you using gold dust on your skin. Oh yeah, can you guess who is the model? It's Rini Cessilia.. I was kinda shock when she called my name. This is the first time I meet her. Her hair also style by the stylish, can't belive that they done that in around 20 minutes. It will takes forever for me to style my hair to a flower.

Cosmekita also give all blogger a goody bag full of happiness *cause for me, make up is happiness ^-^*

This is what I got.. can you see that the invitation is looks like a make up bag? Very unique

Last thing.. All event won't be perfect withour selfie and craziness from beauty blogger

That is all for today post, make sure you get sign up at Cosmekita and follow their social media

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and wish me luck for Sasyachi Make up Challange.. You can see the tutorial here

If you want to keep update with me you can always follow my social media

Happy Holiday everyone


Jean Milka
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  1. the tattoo sticker is pretty !!
    and there is a lot of product in the goody bag


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