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Review and Swatch NYX Slide On Pencil, Dupe for UD 24/7 or Not

07 Mei 2014
Hay Ladies...

Here it is ... Another product review for the product that I get from Cosmekita. NYX Slide on pencil is one of new product that NYX lunch this year. I just know this product cause of Cosmekita. I have some of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil.

And this product supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil. The packaging is just a basic packaging. I got mine in shade Gunmetal. The color was dark silver almost black with silver shimmery on it.

Product Detail

Name : NYX Slide on Pencil
Color : Gunmetal 
Available Color : 18 shades
Size 1,2 g
Price : 8 USD

It Claims that 

(1) This product is slide on very easy and I agree with this, the feeling is almost same with UD 24/7 glide on pencil.

(2) Provide extreme color, yup...The color is very pigmented

(3) it's Like liquid eyeliner in pencil without a mess... yeah.. it's really slide on your eyes like cream feelings..

(4) doesn't smear and smudge, this one... I am really confused with this statement. I read some reviews that says this product doesn't smudge... But I find out that it's smudge to my lower lash line after couple of hours.

I am doing smudge test.. I can say that it's waterproof.. But when I try to rub it, it's definitely doesn't smudge proof.

I don't need eye make up remover to completely erase the whole product. As you can see on the picture bellow that it's almost completely gone except some of silver sparkle. 

Overall Review

Pros :
Slide on very easy
Amazing color salection

Cons :
Smudge ? for this one... let me give you opinion next time after I try the another color

Okay READERS.. That's all for my review... 
can you please tell me what do you think about this product? is it smudge on you?

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Jean Milka

8 komentar on "Review and Swatch NYX Slide On Pencil, Dupe for UD 24/7 or Not"
  1. yah ga waterproof, sayang banget ya
    harganya brpa ya jean?

    1. Rasanya harganya di counter 90rb ato 120rb gitu.. aku lupa... Nah ad beberapa review katanya waterproof, tapi di aku nggak, malah smudge ke lower lash line.. Tapi tetap worth to try kok... aku aja plan untuk coba warna lainnya

    2. hmm kalo nggak waterproof mau mikir2 dlu nih jean
      soalnya eyelidku super berminyak banget
      yg otomatis bikin aku selektif milih2 eyeliner
      udah kapok pok pok sama eyeliner yg bikin mataku kayak panda gra2 smudge ke lower lash line hehe:p
      makasi yah reviewnya, ngebantu banget lho buat aku yg skrng lg hunting2 eyeliner, biar ga salah pilih lagi kayak dulu :D

    3. Iya sich.. aku juga eyelid nya oily... aku prefer liquid atau gel liner... kalau yang pencil, tuch pasti smude gt. Saran ku sich liquid atau gel aja..

  2. produk ini salah satu holly grail ku ;)

  3. too bad it's not smudge proof, but it comes in affordable price! thank you for the review..


  4. kalau gel eyeliner biasa pake apa jean? thank u for the review


    1. Macem-macem sich.. aku recommended Bobbi Brown atau Mac... kalau drugstore boleh coba NYX atau Maybelline.


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