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Review : Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Baby Doll

05 Mei 2014
Hay Everyone...

I am back with another Lip product review. Actually I am not a lip product junkies, lip product will be one of my least priority in beauty product. I got this Sleek True Colour Lipstick from Cosmekita, you can read about Cosmekita Launching Event here.

First time I get this product, I am really excited since the colour is baby pink colour which is my favorite colour. I don't have any lip product in such a soft pink colour like this. Let's talk more about this product...

Product Name : Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipstick
Color : Baby Doll (771)
Size : 3,5 g / 0,12 oz
Prize : 7,49 USD


Just like most of Sleek MakeUp product, the packaging is a sleek packaging in black colour with matte finish. It's full size product but it's quite small, I even think that this is the sample product.


Sleek True Colour Lipsick comes in 20 colour selection. The Colour I get is Baby Doll 771. Actually the sticker on the bottom of the packaging, is the best representation of this colour, which is pale baby pink.

When I take the picture of the real product, it looks like soft pink colour. Also at Sleek website, The color looks like such a good soft pink colour.

But when you swatch it, It's actually very pale pink colour

Even if I like the colour, it doesn't looks good on me. It's makes me look pale and sick. 

Quality and Pigmentation

Sleek Colour Lipstick is matte and sheen finish. I am not really like the matte finish from this product since it's show the dry patches of my lips.

About the colour pigmentation, just like the name which is Colour lipstick, it's really pigmented. Even if the colour I got is pale pink colour, but I got the colour in one swatch. 

Overall Review

Pro :
Good Pigmentation
Sleek and small packaging

Cons :
The matte finish make my lips looks very dry
Baby doll shade is too pale for me

Overall Ratings : 2 / 5
Repurchase : 40% will try another color, 
not because I don't like it, but more because lip product is just least priority in my list

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Jean Milka
6 komentar on "Review : Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Baby Doll"
  1. baru tau kalo sleek ada lipsticknya jg >.< selama ini terkenalnya dgn palettenya
    sayang keliatan pucet banget warnanya :s

  2. Iyaa... Aku juga baru tahu... Warnanya harus di mix sama darker colour...

  3. emg keliatan pucet banget ya jean warnanya
    aku juga punya lipstick kaya gini tapi jarang banget kepake
    emg kalo yg teksturnya matte bikin bibir keliatan makin kering, bagusnya sih dipakein lip balm dulu biar keliatan glossy gitu deh hehe
    nice post btw, love it :)

    1. Iy Pucat banget.. Malah seperti sakit... Matte nya yang ini membuat kelihatan kering. Aku juga biasanya pakai matte lipstick.. nah tapi biasanya g sekering ini...

  4. Baru tau aku kalo Sleek ada lipsticknya >.< mau cobaaaa ahhhh hhihihi

    1. Pigmented loch... Cobain dech sya.. Tapi milih-milih warna lain...


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