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How to Looks like a Doll - Japanese Gyaru Doll Make Up Tutorial, Tips and Trick

18 Mei 2014
Hai Beauty Lovers..

Since IBB have MUC with Japan theme this month, I want to share one of the most popular make up trends from Japan which is Gyaru. You can find out a lot of Gyaru style, but today I want to give you my tutorial to looks like a Japanese Gyaru Doll.

If you try to seach "Gyaru Doll Make up" on Google, you will found out that most of the models pose in innocent face and The eyes is always be the center and tells story. 

The face make up should looks very flawless like porcelain. In this tutorial I use Shu Uemura Face Architect to get flawless but matte finish. *will review this foundation soon*.

Doll Eyes with Softlens

Gyaru Doll make up is all about pop eyes. That is why softens is really important to get this look. Actually I am not really a softlens girl. It's rare for me to wear softlens on daily basic. I usually can't stand with the itchy feeling.

I always want to get wearing softlens but I always take it off after 2 or 3 hours. Until I was introduce to Japan Softlens after blogging. This is the most comfortable lens I have ever tried. I don't wear it on daily basic, but I can stand to wear it for 6 hours without uncomfortable feelings on my eyes.

In this tutorial I wear Ageha softlens Pop Grey. I am not really adore the color since it's looks like black. I prefer blue or green lens. But I love the big eye effect that it give me.

If you want to try softlens, I am really recommended this. You can simple check out their instagram @japansoftlens and order through Japan Softlens  

Disclaimer : They are not sponsoring me, I have 2 lens from Japan Softlens. One is I bought myself, and this one I got from Cosmekita Event.

Gyaru is All About Lashes

Another signature part of Gyaru make up is fake lashes. Japanese make up looks, especially for Gyaru style is different with Korean make up which is more on natural side, Japanese make up looks is popular with their fake lashes effect on both upper on lower lashes.

In this tutorial I wear Premium eyelashes from Star Lash on upper lashes *got this one at Sasa Singapore* and A08 lower lashes from Lashylashes. Small review about  Lashylashes, the quality is good for very afordable price. 

How I Create the Eye Looks

Tips and Trick

1. It's all about wing... Make sure to wing out your shadow and the dark brown shadow should be wing enough to give you big eye effect

2. Don't forget to apply nude or white cream shadow on lower lash line to pop out your eyes

3. For doll looks, wear doll pink blush

4. For lips, pick bright pink or peach lips. Stay away from wine, dark or nude color

Product I Use

Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation
The Body Shop Loose Powder
The Balm Nude Tude
Etude House Dear Girls Big Eye Maker
The Balm Frat Boy
Etude House Look at My Eyes Shadow in shade PK 002
Rimmer Scandal Eyes Nude Eyeliner
Clio Kill Black liquid eyeliner
Urban Decay Cannonball mascara
Clinique Lower Lash mascara
Holika Holika wonder Drawing eyebrow kit
Benefit Speed Brow
Majolika Majorca Puff de Cheeck in PK 301
The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze
Sleek Contouring Kit
3CE Lip Lacquer in Pink Boom

Final Looks

That is all for this Gyaru Doll Make Up Tutorial... Make sure you join the IBB Make up Challege here

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Jean Milka
20 komentar on "How to Looks like a Doll - Japanese Gyaru Doll Make Up Tutorial, Tips and Trick"
  1. Pretty , like living doll XD

    Gud Luck Jean~


    1. Makasih... nich nggak ikut lomba kok.. hanya buat inspired aja..

  2. ooooh lovely look jean^^ kamuuu cantik banget..

    1. Maksih kak.. hanya efek make up beserta softlens dan fake lashes kok.. wkwkwk

  3. 3ce nya beli dmn ci? :33

    1. Nah itu dari Instagram.. ntar yah nyari dulu.. ntar aku mention kamu..

  4. Lovely make up!! I like it for daily.

    1. Ah really? are you usually used to lens and fake lashes?

  5. cantik banget jean, kaya boneka!

  6. Awwww cantik banget ^_^
    Suka rambutnya sama kulitnya :D cantik banget nget ^3^

    1. Rambutnya wig donk.. hahaha.. Kalo kulit asli.. wkwkwk... Makasih yah sudah berkunjung.. You also have a nice blog... Gara-gara kamu jadi pengen nyobain secret Key

  7. cantik banget ci jean ^^
    ci,itu edit foto tutorial pake app apa?
    follback ya ci ^^

    1. Makasih... Itu fotonya nggak di edit kok Patricia, tapi aku pake kamera samsung S4 dan memanfaatkan fungsi beauty effect. Nah tapi pada dasarnya karena foundationnya sudah harus flawless dan usahakan untuk bermain sama cahaya yang menerangi wajah.

      Yup will fol you back.. Thank your for visiting my blog..

  8. Flawless bangett >.< ngiriiii hehe

    1. Makasih.. Tapi itu karena efek make up juga kok ^-^

  9. Uhuy Jeann.... ih pengen rambut warna gitu *colong wignya* hahaha

    Love, Leonita

    1. Hahaha...Gw juga suka warnanya.. tapi kalo di cat gini rasanya males banget ngurusnya harus cat mulu...


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