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Product Review Tsukika Washing Cream by Menard

01 Juni 2014
Hai Blog Readers...

Today I want to review Tsukika Washing Cream from Menard. I got this product as one of the prize of IBB MUC with Menard that I won. Tsukika Washing Cream is basically a facial wash that you use after cleansing milk to double cleansing your face.

Something different from this product is you should't apply the product directly to your face, you need to use something like net, name foaming net, that comes with it to create foam and use it to clean your skin.

Product Detail

Name : Tsukika Washing Cream from Menard
Size : 120 ml
Price : 300.300 IDR 


Tsukika Washing Cream comes in a squeezing tube. The packaging is simple but present elegant image with pure white tube and simple font design, explaining the name and brand. The Tube which is white and sleek is probably to present that Tsukika will provide brighter and smoother skin.

Like what I told you before, this product comes with foaming net *will explain how to use it down bellow*. It's basically a net and you can put your hand inside to help you create foam from just small amount of product.

Texture and Sense

This is the first time for me see a cream texture with this color. I am sorry that you can't see it clearly, but if you visit Menard Counter take a look of it. It's pearl color... can you imagine that? it's white of course but it has pearl shimmer on it. I don't know how to explain that, but this is the prettiest cream I have ever seen.

Sorry for Unfocused Picture 
About the smell, it have strong smell of fresh flowers kind of sense. I think cause of Night Blooming Cereus Flower which is main ingredients of this product. For me, I like the smell but I am not recommended this for people who prefer fragrance free product.

About The Formula

Menard claims that Tsukika line was made by Night Blooming Cereus flower which is also called as "Visionary Flower". Nigh Blooming Cereus full of energy to produce an elegant, large flower in a short period of time. This flower supposed to keep skin blooming even if it is exposed to severe enviromental conditions like dryness and ultraviolet rays, or affected by aging.

Night Blooming Cereus
Tsukika skin care line supposed to covers skin gently with a fresh, velvet smooth feel and ensure skin is full of moisture and healthiness.

How To Use

Tsukika Washing Cream supposed to use twice a day as part of morning and night skin care routine. I only use it if I use full coverage or heave foundation which is about 2-3 times a week on the night. Since this is the most expensive facial wash I have ever used. But it contains a lot of products, I haven't even use 3/4 of it after 1 month. You only need small amount of this product and make a lot of foam using the foaming net.

First you need to squeeze the product as big as cashew nut on your hand that already cover by foaming net, add some water and start to create foam with the foaming net.

Keep foaming until you have proper amount of foam. Menard beauty advisor said that you need to foaming until you get tennis ball size of foam, but I found out that it's too much product for my skin so I decide to take small amount of product and just foaming till proper foam I need.

At the end apply the foam to your skin. You don't need to press the foam to your skin, you only need to distribute the foam to your skin without directly touch your skin.

My complain about this product is it take times for me to wash my face with it since It's require some step. It's also quite hard to collect the foam till the proper foam you need. Sometimes I drop the foam and waste it while I am foaming.

The Result and My Opinion

I really loved this product. It deep clean my skin and makes my skin feel very clean. I usually wear liquid foundation everyday so deep clean my skin and make sure that my make up didn't clog on my pores is very important for me. *You know, I plan to bought Clarisonic, what do you think? is it worth for the investment?*

One huge thing I can see after use this product for 1 month, it is brighten up my skin. As you can see from the picture above, it's even out my skin and make it looks fresh, bright and healthy. This picture not really show my pores I still have my blackhead and big pores, but this product somehow reduce my blemish and makes my skin very smooth.

When you wash you skin, usually you will get dry and tight feeling but I don't experience it with this product. It give me enough moist to my skin but it didn't make my skin feel oily even during the day or night.

Overall Review

Pros :
Deep clean my skin
Doesn't leave dry or tight feeling
Like the smell
Brighten up my skin and even out my blemish
A lot of product and I only need small amount for one use

Cons :
Quite pricy
Take times when I used it

Will I repurchase it ? 
90% I will, my complain is only the price. But It's definitely worth the money

That is all for my review. I will review one more product from Tsukika skin care line which is the cleansing cream around this week. Make sure you follow my blog for future review. You also can check out my review about Menard Facial Salon here.

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Jean Milka
5 komentar on "Product Review Tsukika Washing Cream by Menard"
  1. Oh wow this looks like a very good product!
    I´m a big fan of the cleansers and this looks very great!
    I want Invite you to my Giveaway! For win a Dress, Blouse or a Bag~ The winner choose the prize!

    1. This is indeed a very good product. I also notice that it's reduce acne during my period ^^

  2. lucu yaa banyak bubble nya XD
    envy your skin >,<

    1. My skin is still far away from perfect... my pores is just doesn't show up on picture...

      Thanks for visiting my blog


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