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Jean Milka Manicure : As If with NCLA Nail Polish Review

06 Juni 2014
Hallo My Lovely readers...

let me tell you first of all that this is will be my first and last time post about this nail polish. Why??? Because I broke it at the night after I take this picture. When I paint my nail, I usually take picture the next day. 

When I polished my nail with NCLA in shade AS IF, it takes my heart and lucky, I took this picture right away I polish my nail. I broke it at the same day I first apply it to my nails. Feel broke when I see it broke #beingtoomuch

Okay let's just talk about the polish. This is my first and only NCLA nail polish. I never heard about this polish till I found out that it's sale on Luxola. It sold for 50% that time. But it still pricey which is around 90.000 IDR *still pricey*.

NCLA in shade AS IF is a purple polish with gray undertone. This is the reason why I loved it. I don't have a lot of polish with gray undertone on it, and this is one of lovely grey undertone polish that I have ever had. Under the normal light, it mostly looks like purple. But in some situation, for example during the orange sun light at noon, It looks more grey.

The color pigmented in 2 coat. I am using O.P.I RapiDry topcoat, and the polish last me more than 1,5 week. My only complain is the packaging... How could it broke in one falling accident? I usually drop my polish from same high, which is from my table and everything is fine. But this one, I drop it once... and it is broke like no one business.

The packaging is actually square bottle with square cap. So sometimes you will found out that the cap didn't return to the normal shape which is same direction with the bottle. About the brush, it really easy to apply the polish. Sorry that I forgot to take the picture.

Overall Review

Love the color
Pigmented in 2 coat
Easy to apply
Stay for almost 2 weeks

Cons :
Fragile packaging

Will I repurchase ?
 I don't know, it really price. The normal price is around 200.000 IDR, and I didn't find anywhere else that sells NCLA nail polish except for Luxola. I might will if it 70% off ^-^

That is all for my manicure and review. But the way, I change my manicure post from pink manicure to Jean Milka Manicure. My blog name was pinkbeautyheart but since I change it, I still trying to figuring out best term for my manicure post. Do you have any Idea? Comment down below...

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3 komentar on "Jean Milka Manicure : As If with NCLA Nail Polish Review"
  1. jatuh lgsg pecah gt jean? parah bgt warnanya bgs deh suka <3

    1. Yup.. langsung pecah gt... kaca banget botolnya, mungkin karena kacanya tipis...


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