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The Body Shop Drop of Youth Product Review

04 Juni 2014
Hello beauty Lovers...

I want to review one of my favorite product that already join my skin care line for 4 months. This product.. I don't think it has a lot of love in beauty bloggers world, which it deserve to have. This is The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth which is one of best seller product form The Body Shop.

First off all I would like to say that The Body Shop is always be my favorite skin care. Body Shop has been part of my skin care since I was at high school which mean about 4 years ago. My mom use this brand when she was young, and she recommended me. Let's just jump to the review...
First time I know about this product is when it was on promotion at Body Shop counter. It comes in 2 size which is 30ml and 50ml. I got mine in biggest size which in 20% off that time.

Product Detail

Name : Nutriganics Drop of Youth
Brand : The Body Shop
Size : 50ml
Price : around 56 USD

What it Claims and What I Said

This product Claims that it contains Criste Marine Plant stem cells which is well known as one of ingredients that help to maintain your "young skin" and delay aging. It's also good to enhance surface skin renewal. This product supposed to evens your skin tone and leave skin looking smoother, fresheer and healthier.

In my Opinion, This product help to even out my skin tone and my skin surface also makes my skin feel smoother. I don't think you can see this effect in a flash, it takes almost 2 month for me to realize that this product give an effect.

One thing I like about this product is it leave your skin feel smooth and hydrated enough. I can feel it after one night use. It give me enough hydration but I don't think it will moisturize enough for dry skin. It's really good in control my oil and I don't feel oily when I wake up in the morning.

I don't think it will be solution for you who try to find an anti aging product. This product will only delay the aging which is for you who is at your 20th. Add product that supposed to delay aging and wrinkles is needed in my opinion. This product leave my skin feel bounce like baby skin *of course still far form the real baby skin".


The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth comes in glass bottle which is not travel friendly. For Application it's provide pipette that attach to the cap which is very hygienic. My complain is this pipette need better sucking power.

Texture and Scent

It's clear serum that glides on very easy on your skin. It have fresh herbal scent that I like. It doesn't contains any medicine scent on it.

How to Apply?

You will need 2 to 3 drops of this product. I prefer to drop the product on 3 fingers (point,middle, and ring finger), blend it on my fingers and apply to my skin while massage my skin.

It give sticky feeling at the beginning, but after you spared it will absorb to your skin less than a minute. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling after that. You can feel the smoother feeling after it's absorb.

What I like ?

Love the fresh and herbal scent
It's absorb very quickly
Even out your skin tone
Leave your skin smoother
Control my oily during the night

What I don't Like ?

Quite Price, but for me it contains a lot of products
The pipette need better sucking power
It's not moisture enough especially for dry skin, for me it's hydrated enough

Overall Rate : 8 / 10

Will I repurchase ? 100% will

I have tried to find the 50 ml size especially that The Body Shop at Indonesia is have great deals now, but I can't found it anywhere.  It only different 100.000 IDR between small and large size but the products is almost 40% more.

That is all for my review. Readers : have you tried this product? what do you think?

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See you on another post...

Jean Milka

10 komentar on "The Body Shop Drop of Youth Product Review"
  1. wah kapan hari ke counter bodyshop liat ini nyesel gak beli karena gak yakin..
    setelah baca postmu kayaknya bagus banget T_T

    1. iya.. bagus kok.. Mahal tapi hanya butuh dikit untuk sekali pakai.. jadi worth it lah...

  2. Aku punya ini nih tp sempet berhenti pake pas lg jerawatan. SA nya bilang kalo lagi jerawatan jangan pake ini. Setelah lihat reviewmu aku jd inget kalo aku punya wkwkwk. Tar coba pake lagi ah :)
    Nice review ^_^

    1. Hemmm.. aku nggak gitu jerawatan sich.. bingung juga kenapa SA nya bilang g boleh. Kalo aku sih suka banget sama produk ini.. hahaha

  3. beberapa kali pas stop by ke body shop ngeliat ini cuma karena gak yakin gak beli. hahahaha
    ternyata hasilnya bagus ya kalo udh diskon lagi deh baru coba ;) wkakakkaka
    followed your blog, mind to check my blog? ::) Liona xx

  4. Aq sudah beli ka
    Aq dapet 50% off yg ukuran besar 50 ml di bodyshop gorontalo yeyey

    Tapi kata Mama jangan keseringan pake
    Umur q masih 21an

    Memangnya umur seaku itu boleh ga seh pakai doy ini Ka?

    1. Wah.. How can 50% off? aku jg baru beli beberapa minggu lalu dan normal price *kecewa*
      Nggak ah, aku 22 tahun, malah buat aku ini cocok untuk mid 20. Memang sich kita masih early 20, tapi merawat kulit itu dilakukan sejak dini, begitupun dengan produk anti aging. Dan buat aku, produk ini malah g cocok buat yang sudah leibh dari 25 tahunan, karena power of aging nya g benar-benar terasa. Tapi untuk kita yang early 20 akan membuat kulit terasa kenyal seperti kulit bayi.. hehehe...

    2. Hi Jean ! When is the good timing to apply this thing on ? Aku beli bbrp bulan yg lalu , tp setiap kali pake berasa muncul jerawat baru : ( but maybe Im going to try it again after I read your post , heheh

    3. After Toner before serum and moisturizer...


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