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Pink Manicure : Color my Essie

28 November 2013
Hello everybody...

This is my first nail art tutorial.... I called it pink manicure....  I usually do my nail manicure every Friday... Why Friday ? cause I usually have date on Saturday night ^-^ and I go to church at Sunday, so I want my nail to appear in their best ^-^.

This week nail art is pink and purple in pastel... I use 5 different color of pink and purple and try to make a gradient from dark purple to soft purple to soft pink to hot pink. As finishing i put a little bit of glitters effect as top coat.

I start it with base coat from Holika Holika. And I choose 5 different color of pink and purple from essie wedding and spring collection.

This is all of the color... all of them is from Essie... for me Essie has the best pastel color.

From Left to the Right :

My Better Half - wedding collection 2013
No Baggage Please – wedding collection 2013
Meet me at the altar – wedding collection 2013
Bond With Whomever – spring collection 2013
Using My Maiden Name – wedding collection 2013

As finishing I use Light of Emerald City by O.P.I *you can see at the first picture*
This is all for my first pink manicure. Its just simple nail art... 

leave me a comment what you this about this nail art? And what is your favorite nail polish for soft pink and purple color?


Jean Milka
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