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27 November 2013

Hello everyone...

My name is Jean and I am a 22 years old *and 3 days* girl from Jakarta, Indonesia. Basically my daily language is Bahasa Indonesia but i will tried to write my blog in English, so I would like to said sorry from beginning about my English *especially my grammar*.

This is the first time.... first day actually.... I become a blogger...
If you asking me why?
Eventually I jobless right now, I am in the middle of find a job. But cause of we already in the end of 2013, all job offers i got will start next year, so I have a lot of free time. While my free time I browse many things through something we called as Internet and Social Networking. And I found out that there is a lot of beauty bloggers around the world.

I found a beauty channel from youTube name fromheadtotoe created by a girl name Jen. Her channel is really inspire me. I fall in love about beauty things since i was 19 or 20 years old, not long ago, But i just get into it this years *still a newbie*.  I learn a lot about make up from  fromheadtotoe and her blog at  So if you are a girl and you don't know about beauty things especially make up, I suggest you to learn from Internet girls... They have bunch of great tutorial.

So here it is, my first blog as a place for me to share about fashion and beauty. I hope i can inspire many girls, and tell them that everyone is beautiful and you only need to know how to make it works...   


Jean Milka
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