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New Gorgeous Hair with Gorjes Hair & Beauty

19 Juni 2015
Hello everyone ...

Have you seen my new hair color on Instagram ? If you haven't than you should check it out here. Why? Because It is gorgeous as well as my Instagram page, and.. you should follow my Instagram to become more gorgeous... hahaha *Just kidding ^^

I am going for a long vacation this week. I plan to take a lot of picture and have a really good time with my family. I am so excited for it ^^. Of course I want to be at my best. One of my concern is my hair. It has been a long time since I dyed my hair. The color of my hair starting to fade out and now I have about 3 cm of black hair, sprouting at the root. In the meantime, I know from my fellow beauty blogger about Zalonku.

Zalonku is basically a place where you can find hair styles, nail art, and beauty inspirations along with the recommended salon where you get those kind of service. in a website form. This is the first time I found a website that provide everything you might need when you are trying to find a salon recommendation. The website is new and still under the developing process. By the time it's done, I really hope Zalonku will provide more reviews about the salon. A honest review from the loyal customers would be great ^^

I had appointment for the underarm IPL treatment at Tokyo Belle, Pacific Place on the same day. And so, I decided to re-dye my hair at Gorjes Hair Studio that located at level B1, Pacific Place. I visited Pacific Place for many times before. There aren't many things I can do there. It's only has a few store and most of them are expensive, designer brands

I felt so bored when I was waiting for my sister as she was playing at kidzania *a recreational, educative for kids*. I never try any salon there. I imagined it would be expensive having hair service there. I was surprised when I saw Gorjes Hair Studio's price list. Not only do I consider them to be reasonable, you can also get special discounts. They offer different kinds of promotions everyday.

He opened up our conversation by asking me about my hair and what I want to do with it. I asked him to focus more on the bits that had just recently grew - as they bore the original color of my hair, which is black. I don't want to change my current hair color. I sometimes wear hair extensions, and the color of my hair extension are similar to that of my old hair color. I just want the color to be a little bit shinier than my current hair.

Left is before, Right is After.

My hair absorb hair dye chemical so fast. It's always like that. So far I never get through hair bleaching process to archive such a bright, vibrant color like I have now. I forgot to share this fact about my hair to the stylish. The result color appear slight too bright and yellow but I still loved it.

A photo posted by Jean Milka (@jeanmilka) on

I am so happy to find out about Gorjes Hair Studio. I would love to going back again and try their other service. Gorjes Hair Studio, as you can see from the price list, they have quite a selection to choose from. And the price is acceptable for a salon that located at a big mall like pacific place.

That is all for Today Post

Readers : Has anyone visit yet? What do you think about it? Don't hestitate to comment down bellow. Tell me what you expect from a website like Zalonku?

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See you on my next post


Jean Milka

Disclimer : This service was given to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.

8 komentar on "New Gorgeous Hair with Gorjes Hair & Beauty"
  1. this hair colour fits you perfect :D
    and i like ur outfit xoxox

    1. I love it too.. Thanks for visiting my blog ^^

  2. Yeh, bleaching can really damage hairs. I am so lucky that I don't need to bleach my hair to archive bright hair color.

    Thank you ^^

  3. Hair stylingnya bagus loh. cocok curly ke luar.
    Jadi makin cantik.


    1. Itu sebaliknya curly ke dalam loch. Tapi somehow hasilnya bagus sich. aku g bisa buatnya sendiri. huhuhu...

  4. hello boleh tanya gak,,obat colouringnya pake brand apa ya??thank u :)))

    1. Emm maaf untuk ini aku nggak bisa jawab soalnya aku pun kurang tahu. Mungkin bisa kamu tanyakan langsung ke Gorjes Hair nya ^^


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