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Hello everyone...

My name is Jean Milka... I am an Indonesian who lived at Jakarta.
I enjoying reading and watching..  I am not really into beauty and fashion until I finished my high school. When I was at high school... I don't care about my skin and my mom always yelling to me, tell me use my skin care...

When everyone already busy with make up and boys... I still enjoy playing games and reading comics...
When everyone already mix and match their style.. I still love T-shirt and jeans... ^-^

Overall.. I take care my skin after high school.. and learn more about make up after collage.
And I found out that I enjoying it... and want to share about that to all of you..

All of my review will be my own honest opinion based on my experience. If you are a reader, I make sure that I always provide honest review regardless sponsored product or not. And if you want me to review your product, event or others cooperation, You can contact me through, but I can't guarantee that the review will always be "good" opinion.


Jean Milka
4 komentar on "About Me"
  1. Hi cii, aq baru nemu blog kmu dan suka banget tutorial n OOTD kmu, mau nanya dong ransel pink yg kmu pakai brand apa yaa? thanks a lot :D

  2. Halo kak, salam kenal. Aku suka sama blog beauty ini :)

    1. Hallo Mei, Salam kenal juga. Makasih sudah mampir di blog aku ^^


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