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Pink Manicure : Valentine Reflection

09 Februari 2014
Hay girls...

I am so excited with valentine... But eventually I might can't celebrate it *hiks hiks*... Hope you enjoy your valentine's day. Today I want to share a tutorial for valentine on your nails.

For me, using nail polish can make me feels really feminine. Especially if I have well maintained nails. This tutorial is very simple. Basically you create love shape with 2 colors combination.
Product I use :
1. Base coat : Etude House help my finger
2. Pink polish : Etude House nail polish in PK 003
3. Silver polish : Holika Holika magic pop nail dazzling in number 14
5. Shimmery top coat : The face shop nail treatment in number 5 *if I am not wrong, basically it's clear polish with micro glitters*
6. Top coat : Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat

How to do it :
1. Apply base coat
2. Apply pink polish on your nails just half of your nails
3. Apply silver polish on your nails side by side with the pink polish

4. For pinkie I only apply pink polish all over since I can't make very small heart shape for pinkie
5. After it's dries, create heart shape using pink and silver color. You can create it in many ways just like this picture bellow.
6. For pinkie apply silvers dots on it
7. Apply micro glitters polish on your nails
8. and finish it with top coat

You can combine this nail art with other colors for example soft pink and blue or gold and red. To create the heart shape I am using nail art brush. You can find it online or at nail art supply.

That is all for my tutorial... Hope you enjoy it... and if you are not really smart in apply nail polish on your nails, just try cause it's all about practice.


Jean Milka
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  1. nice ^^

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