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Tutorial : Girl Next Door Looks with Valentine Tips

04 Februari 2014
Hai girls....
Valentine is already around the corner... 
I plan to create bunch of valentine looks tutorial *click follow this site on the right for more tutorial* since I love pink and valentine is all about pink ^-^
This first tutorial is a "Girl next door" looks... 

Just for you know, if you asking a boy most of them don't like a girl with too much make up. Guy prefer natural face that you originally have, if your boyfriend prefer you with a lot of make up than you should wonder is he really love you?

So for first valentine tutorial I want something that looks like "no make up, make up". This is the step by step you can follow.

Excuse me for bad lighting, since it's cloudy all over Jakarta right now. Here the eyeshadow color I use.
1. Lid : Etude House look at my eyes in shade PK003
2. Outer third : Too Faced romantic eye palette in shade cut the cake
3. Crease : Too Faced romantic eye palette in shade first dance
5. Center of lid : Holika Holika Jewel light shimmer eyeshadow in glittering violet (GPP 01)
6. Brow bone : Too Faced romantic eye palette in shade kiss the bride
7. Under eye & inner corner : Too Faced romantic eye palette in shade soulmates
8. Gel Liner : Bobbi Brown gel liner in dark chocolate

Trick for this looks :
1. If you want more define smoky looks, you can build the dark purple color. But don't use black shadow, it's too heavy for "girl next door" looks.
2. You also can mix the shadow with coral shadow for lid or burgundy color for outer crease
3. You still can apply thicker layer of gel liner with wing
4. If you are not comfortable with false lashes, just apply 2 or 3 coat of mascara. Make sure that your mascara won't be clumpy.
5. Apply lip balm before lipstick for natural finish which is not matte and showing you dry patches and not too shimmery.

Here is the result... I have some tips for your valentine looks i want to share...
1. Never tried new look on the day cause you never know how it will be. Better tried the look you will use the day before.
2. For anything *make up, soft lens, false lashes. dress, heels*, wear something that comfortable for you. Valentine is not about how amazing you looks like but how the moment means so much. If you are more comfortable without soft lens or false lashes like me... than use this looks with out that.
3. Keep it simple and natural, your man want to see you, not someone else who looks different cause of make up.

Product I use....

1. Primer : Monistat soothing care - powder gel
2. Foundation : mix of Etude House precious mineral BB Cream in sheer silky skin and Etude House nymph aura volumer
3. Powder : NYX mineral powder in light/medium
4. Concealer : Benefit boi ing concealer in shade 01
5. Under eye concealer : Maybelline instant age rewind in shade brightener
6. Eye primer : Benefit stay don't stray
7. Eyeshadow : Too Faced, Holika Holika, and Etude house.
8. Eye brow : Etude House drawing eye brow in dark brown
9. Blush : Benefit harvana
10. Macara : Maybelline the magnum (upper lash) and Maybelline the rocket (lower lash)
11. Highlighter : The Balm mary lou manizer
12. lip : EOS lip balm in strawberry sorbet and Benefit hydra smooth lip color in tuttie cutie

That is all for my tutorial... it's really natural, more like no make up make up. Follow my blog for more valentine tutorial. Let me know if there is something you want me to tried. And also... let me know if you want full review for any product I use.


Jean Milka
2 komentar on "Tutorial : Girl Next Door Looks with Valentine Tips"
  1. thanks for tutorialnya yaa, suka deh:D keliatan natural banget dan kayanya simple ya make upnya hehe , tapi aku kadang ga bisa buat pake eyeshadownya u,u.
    ohiya salam kenal yaa, aku Nana..
    mind to follow me back?:)


    1. Aku juga dulunya nggak bisa dan nggak pede.. tapi setelah lama-lama mencoba jadi cukup bisa. Jangan berhenti mencoba... make up itu kalau di latih pasti bisa kok :)


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