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Valentine Blogging Competition with B Blog - Share Your Love

06 Februari 2014
Hai everyone...
Today I won't talk about beauty... but I will talk about beautiful moments in my life. There is a competition held by B Blog as a celebration for Valentine day. B Blog challenge all us to share our moments with people we loved.

The one I will talk about here is my little sister... I am 17 years older than her... yup, 17 years. We are sisters from same mother and father. First time I know that my mom was pregnant, I also think that she just kidding me..

I live at different city from my parents since I was at high school. When she told me that she was pregnant , I don't believed her until she comes to visit me and I see with my own eyes ^-^. But yeah my mom was married in young age. What kind of feeling I have? I feel nothing actually, a bit shocked but I am happy since I always like a baby.

At 27 February 2008 she was born to this world... One more funny story *I think this is funny*, she was born at the same time where Suharto, the second president of Indonesia, died. Same time here I mean, when I hear a news that Suharto was died *real time report on tv*, than I hear my brother called me and informed me that she is here. No body know, she might be our future president *wink wink*.

Since I lived at different city from her, we just meet maybe twice a year. My family will visit me at Jakarta only twice a year. I never see her until she was 6 months old. My brother is the only relative she know. She even don't know that she have a sister. Even if I meet her and everyone told her that I am her sister. She will forget who I am on our next meeting *yeah of course, she is just a baby*.

There is so many moments she spend without me. I never be with her on her birthday. After she reach 2 years old if I am not wrong, she started to recognize and remember who I am. I really love her. It's so sad every time I meet her, and she didn't want to be with me. She will be cried if I was tried to hold her.

 I never see her progress, when she was learned about how to walk or talk. But I am really happy after she can talk... she know who I am... she called me cece *Chinese language refer to older sister* and I can call my mom and talk with my sister.

Right now... We are really close. Even if we just meet couples times a year but I always spend time to called her. She is really cute and funny.

Even if she is barely know about me when she was a baby, but I loved her so much. She is just like a best thing that ever happened in my life.

She is grow up as smart, mature, and hard working girl. She still a kid but when you talk to her, she talk like an adult. Maybe cause of the age differences she have with me and my brother. She is very coquettish tho.. every time we meet, she ask me to manicure her nails. She will look at you with "I want to know what are you doing" look when you do your make up in front of her.

I love her so much... hahaha... that's all  I can said. In this life we got gift from God and she was mine. I hope one day, she will read this post.

That is all for my story. If you are a blogger tried to join this competition. Share your love so everyone can feel it.


Jean Milka

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