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August Favorites : Anastasia Modern Renaissence, Kylie Lip Kit, Sulwhasoo, Benefit, & Urban Decay | Jean Milka

09 September 2016
Hello Lovelies....

Initially, I was lazy to blog about my favorite products. This time, I had so much fun writing this article. It's so nice to find new beauty products that works on me. Furthermore, since I need to come up with different products every month, I push myself to sample and fool 'round with more products; which is in long run, turned out to be such an exiting routine.

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For August I have some new favorite makeup must-haves to share with you. I do realize that most can be categorized as high end brands - this was purely unintentional. Thing is, the items on here are the ones I mainly used throughout August. Rest assured, I'll be writing about drugstore products on next month's favorites.  Curious?? Here they are ... ^^

Oh before that, I also have a video talking about my favorite products. My video is in Bahasa - so for you my fellow Indonesian friends, if you feel like it you can check out my video here.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening

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At first, I was reluctant to include this cushion on my list. Not only because (to me at least), it's over priced, but also because I only like using it for everyday, super natural makeup look. I definitely won't using this when I meet with someone I want to impress. Most likely I'll only be using this when I'm filming a video or taking some photos.  I doubt I'll be repurchasing this cushion. Still, I won't refuse wearing it either. The problem with this cushion is simply because it doesn't mix well with me. This cushion does not suit my oily skin and I need to blot quite often while wearing it. It only last 2-4 hours on me and doesn't look all that flattering in person. 

Good news is, this cushion has great coverage, one of the best I've come across thus far. It also makes my skin look glowy like Korean Artist. It wasn't cakey and blends nicely with my skin. If only it can last longer then 3 hours #OilySkinProblem hiks.. hiks... Anyway I still use it from time to time. It's one of those products I love and hate at the same time. If you have normal to dry skin type, I highly recommend you to give it a try. This cushion might turn out to be the holy grail for you're searching for.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

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I knew I'd love this palette since the first time I saw it. You know my love my Urban Decay Naked 3 and Pony Effect That Girl palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance has the same colour family as those two palettes. Most of the colour are pink and red with dash of orange and brown on it. It's good for red and orange tone makeup looks which is perfect for fall season. The pigmentations were great and it blends easily like butter on your eyes. There are 14 shadow colors that you can use for any makeup look. Day time, night time, glam, natural, girl next door, cute, you named it. Brownish eyeshadow palette is super boring in my opinion. Be ready girls, red is a new neutral ^^

Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K and Candy K

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Kylie Jenner came up with this lip kit and it made huge waves amongst beauty communities this year. I get my hands on this product much later. A majority of it sold out so fast and many Indonesian Online Shopping was selling it at an insanely high price. I got mine from @Padusee (on Instagram) for IDR 595.000 (about $39 where by the original price tag is $29) and that's the best price I can get. The biggest achievement of this product is its color selections. Kylie come up with a range of perfect nude lip colours in accordance with her own style. Existing skin tones could find at least one color that matches them perfectly. 

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My favorite colors are Koko K and Candy K. Both of which have pink undertones that looks flattering on my lips. This kit comes with a liquid lipstick also lip pencil, both in the same color. Want to have sexy lips like Kylie? This is the product you need. How about the quality? The quality is good. Some people say it has same consistency as Coloupop Liquid Lipstick but I like this one better. It's dries but doesn't end up as dry as Colourpop. I can still reapply it when I feel like but I can't do it with Colourpop. It last long but again, it doesn't dry my lips or making me feels as if I have another layer of skin on top of my lips.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Eyeliner

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I consider this an old flame of mine and now we're back together. You can read my full review here. What can I say about it? It's the blackest eyeliner I have ever had. The applicator is unique, makes it easy to draw dramatic, accurately shaped eye lines. I didn't have problem with smudge even if I applied it on my water line. It's hard to control the pen the first time around. But then again practice makes perfect.

Urban Decay glitters Eyeliner in Distortion

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Urban Decay just joined Sephora Indonesia earlier last month. I discovered this product during the launch event. I don't know where I've been so far that I never laid my hands on these products. I knew Urban Decay has it but I never thought it would look super great on my eyes. The shade I got is Distortion. It is a perfect combination of yellow, green and silver glitters all in one. I like to wear it on the tear duct area as well as on my inner lower lash line. It gives me that cute looking eyes just like Korean puppy eyes. If you always feel like your eyeshadow is lacking in the shimmer department, just add this glittery eyeliner and I guarantee you'd be way surprised ^^

Readers :  What is you favorite product for this month? or maybe what is the most wanted upcoming product that you have been waiting for?

That is all for today post, I hope you enjoying it ^^

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Jean Milka

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