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YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 13 Pink In Paris Review and Swatch

20 Februari 2015
Hello Beauty Enthusiastic..

Another lip product review is here. Finally have time to blogging again after suffer from slow internet connection and my freelance job here and there. Today I want to share to you one of my most favorite lip product. This is the first lip product I got from YSL, and the beginning of my new obsession of YSL lip product.

YSL volupte shine

YSL lip product is definitely on the pricey side, but it worth the price I can tell. My first YSL Lip product is Rouge Volupte Shine in Pink in Paris number 13. I got mine from SOGO, Mall Plaza Senayan for about 225.000 IDR which is 50% off from the normal prize (original price is about 450.000). There was a promotion going on that time, and I am glad to splurged myself on this lipstick. 

Ysl volupte shine lipstick

The packaging pretty much speak the price. With gold metal canister, YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick looks luxury and high end which is a perfect companion for your clutch. You can see the shade color through the little band around it, encased in YSL Design.

ysl volupte shine 13 love in paris

ysl volupte shine 13 pink in paris swatch

Pink in Paris number 13 is a beautiful rose pink shade that is gorgeous for everyday color.  The color is very opaque. You will only need one layer of the lipstick and it looks good. There is a lot of product inside the canister, you will only need a very small amount so it last for a long time. The texture is creamy finish, beautifully soft and butter like on the lips. Its very moisturizing, this is the lipstick I used last time I went to Hong Kong during the winter season and it helps to keep my lips moist. One thing I love so much about YSL lip product is the scents. it has fruit scents *maybe mango* on it.

ysl volupte shine number 13 love in paris review

favorites lipstick

Talking about lasting power, it last for about 3 - 4 hours. It fades out after food and drink but I don't mind to reapply since I really like the scents. I have nothing to complain about this product, I just love it so much. The only down side is the price but yeah, you get what you paid. 

ysl pink in paris number 13

ysl pink in paris number 13

That is all for my review... 

Readers : What is your favorite lipstick brand? If you also like YSL lip product, help me with comment down bellow which one is you favorite shades...

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Jean Milka
8 komentar on "YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 13 Pink In Paris Review and Swatch"
  1. Balasan
    1. Ada promo gt sich. Jadi aku dapat voucher belanja gitu, dan untuk pakai vouchernya harus belanja 2x lipat dari harga voucher. Jadi kurang lebih seperti diskon 50%.

  2. Aaakk you're so lucky! :D Itu murah bingitz, lbh murah dr MAC >.<

    1. Hehehe iya.. pas itu promo di tanggal 17 Agustus tahun lalu...

  3. aaa so lucky...!!! pengen banget uff..!!

    1. Hahaha... iya, senang bgt waktu itu bisa beli ini dengan voucher promo gt.. hehehe ^^

  4. Aku juga pake iniii, tapi warnanya agak beda hasilnya kalo di aku hehehe

    1. Iya sich, karena agak sheer, jadi warnanya di pengaruhi warna bibir juga...


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