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February Beauty Favorite + Mini Review

11 Maret 2014
Hai Ladies...

Sorry for this late post... But better late Than never... I don't think I will do monthly favorite every month, but since I just enter a new job, My make up routine change a bit *read : to a faster routine* so I decided to share my fastest make up favorite for everyday look.

Work days means I need to wake up earlier and dress up as fast as I can. I also need to catch up public transport *a.k.a Trans Jakarta*, and I didn't get enough sleep at night.

At first I still diligent enough to use foundation. This is my favorite foundation for this month, Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination or oily skin in shade Ivory (110). I really like this foundation for daily use. It's medium coverage, It's kinda too sheer if you want to hide a lot of blemish. But it doesn't feel heavy and also oil control.

Just like what I said before, after couple days I am just too lazy to do my make up at home at work days, So I only use this 2 powder. First one is NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Powder (which is a loose powder with foundation) in shade 01 nude and I finished it with Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder.

I won't say that this two combination does control my oily skin. It's only last for about 4 hours and I will get oily on the T zone. But this combination give me quite flawless finished and also cover my blemish.

I loved this mascara, Maybelline The Rocket Volume express. I know this mascara from Miss glamorazzi (read my post about my favorite beauty gurus here). It's a affordable mascara that you can found at any drugstore.

It does good job for both of my upper and lower lash. The brush really separate my lash and give it volume and length. It's not really like a lot of volume and length so I like it for daily use since it's more natural *everyone can see there is no way I have great lash, something too fake is not good*

Favorite Benefit product must be their powder box. This is my favorite blush for this month, Benefit Coralista. It's coral color that bring life to my face. I am not really like pink blush for daily use since it makes me looks chubby. So if you are chubby, coral or peach blush will be better for everyday use.

Fastest way for eye make up is definetly this one, Etude House Proof 10 color eye stick in shade sunset brown (BR 402). I really like this eye stick, simple, fast, and handy. I don't need to apply any eyeshadow base since it's kind like cream shadow stick. Only this eye stick, eyeliner and mascara and my eye make up is done.

Ah this last item kinda remind me that it have been long time ago since my last post about pink manicure. Just like what I said before, I just enter a new job and I still adapt to new schedule so I am not really have time for manicure especially nail art. This is the only nail polish I use almost for entire February. *me with only one nail color for a month is kinda impossible*

This is scented nail polish by Models Own in apple pie. I got this one from Luxola, this nail polish remind me to mind candy apple by Essie. It's such a nice mint pastel color. It does have scent but I am not really like the smell since it still have acetone scent on it. And actually I don't like the formulation, It's kinda sticky and thick but I really like the color.

That is all for my February beauty favorite + mini review... I tried to Bold the main point for the product I talk about to help you get the main information. Let me know what do you think about that Bold thing?

Thank you so much for Reading. I want to know what is your favorite make up item for this month, let me know with comment down bellow, I will really like to tried some of your favorite product.

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  1. warna kuteknya cakep banget *.* adem dan cute gitu warnanya

    1. Iya.. Agree sama kamu...warnanya tuch cool gt dech...

  2. Oh very cute favs!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  3. warna kuteknya baguuus :D


  4. ditunggu swatch yang blush ya cii , penasarann wkkwkw


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