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Most Favorite Beauty Gurus - youTube Version

01 Maret 2014
Hai pretty Ladies *or even boys* ^-^

For all of you who want to learn about make up, I want to share my favorite Beauty Gurus who is youTube beauty Gurus. youTube beauty gurus are the reason why I decide to join blog world and become a blogger.

If you feel like you don't know anything about make up, tried to check this list bellow...

1. Jen a.k.a From Head To Toe

She is the reason why I was started blogging. She is really talented especially in design world. She is a Korean who lived at US if I am not wrong. Since I am an Asian, I prefer to watch Asian beauty gurus especially for tutorial video. Cause Asian people have couples similarity likes mono lid, straight lashes, or yellow skin tone. I don't remember how I found out her channel, but she is a start for my beauty and blogging life. I also like the way she present her channel, make sure that you check her out.

2. Essie Button - Blog : essiebutton

Essie is a Canadian who live at England *cause of long love story*. I know her channel from Miss Glamorazzi. I really like her channel cause of her personality, she is really funny even make me laugh when watch her channel. She always said sorry for make the video so long, but for me I even like her channel cause of that. Keep it up Essie ^-^

3. Miss Glamorazzi

I don't remember how I know about her channel. Best video from her is favorite video. She usually mention about beauty and random favorite. It's nice to hear others recommendation about tea, cereal, music, etc I like her personality. Maybe you can see now that I prefer beauty gurus with cheerful and funny personality, it makes me feel like watch a show. If you like random favorite definitely check her channel.

4. Leighannsays

Another beauty guru with funny personality. First video I watch from her channel is a Tag video. In that tag video, there is a question about what is your child think about you as beauty guru *that kind of questions*, and she is joking with says "Let's just ask them... Kids *she is act like she is calling her kinds*", it's just a short clip and I click to watch the whole video, it's very funny that she just jokes about it cause she didn't have child. After that video, I watch all of her video one by one. And always laugh cause of her bloopers.

5. Sunnydahye

Sunny is a Korean and she likes Korean beauty product. I bought some Korean beauty product cause of her recommendation. Her channel always full of information that I like, maybe cause I also like Korean beauty product. Her video suggest that she can speak Bahasa, can you imagine that? At some of her video she is talk to others in Bahasa, she also admit that on her vlogs. I think she have ever been at Indonesia. I would like to know her in person. Her tutorial is simple and can be useful for everyday looks. For beginner I recommend you to subscribe her channel.

6. RachhLoves

RachhLoves is a youtube channel belongs to Rachel.. She is really pretty in my opinion. I loves everything about her. Her smile, nose, eyes, chin.. she have amazing bones structure in my opinion. And like most of my favorite beauty gurus, I loved her personality. She is Canadian if I am not wrong. She is a new mom with cute and beautiful daughter. I watch all of her video after I found out about her channel. She have best bloopers ... ^-^

That is all for my favorite beauty gurus, make sure that you check them out.. and comment here tell me what you think about them.

Readers : Tell me your favorite beauty guru or beauty blogger... I would like to check them out...
4 komentar on "Most Favorite Beauty Gurus - youTube Version"
  1. aku dari semua ini cuma ngikutin from head to toe. kalo aku favoritnya michelle phan, promise phan aka dope2111, jessica harlow, charis lincoln aka charisma star, itsjudytime ^^

    following you

  2. Sunny dahye itu klu ngg slah emg tgl di indo kuliah :D

  3. I love essie too!! she really has a nice personality!

    Sunny is korean that live in indonesia. she mention it in one of her video. she lives in Bali but went to jogja for college, if i'm not wrong :)

    check out my latest post about skincare myths

    i followed you on GFC, fol me back? ;)

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