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IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014 - Summer Fairytale

04 Maret 2014
Hay beauty lovers...

Do you know anything about Indonesia Beauty Blogger? Or well known as IBB is a Beauty Blogger community from Indonesia. IBB with Etude House Indonesia held a make up challenge with theme "Summer Fairytale".

First idea that come to my mind when I heard this word are sparkling and rainbow. Summer is a bright season with a lot of colorful colors, and fairytale in my mind is princess looks with a lot of sparkles. I create 2 looks for this make up challenge.
First look is a princess looks with a lot of sparkles and blue shadow. I am using blue, yellow and pink for the eyes. I apply very thin layer of black eyeliner since I want all attention to be on my colorful eye make up.

For dramatic blue eyes I apply bright blue eyeliner on the water line. I also draw a star at the end of the right eye wing and using nail accessories in star shape, I stick it at the end of the right eye wing.

All shadow I use for this look are shimmery shadow. I use Etude House eyeshadow palette in no 1 pastel. But I don't know what is the name of this product" since it was written in Korean and it's an old product so I can't find out the name. (Here it is...)

All make up are focus on the eyes. For lips and face, I only make it simple since. I also use unique fake lash that comes with stones on it. Princess need sparkle on her lash ^-^

Final 1st Look

Second look is still playing with colorful shadow, but I use kinda like matte shadow for this second look. I use yellow, orange, red, and purple shadow. The key of this look is you need to blend your shadows very well.

I apply very thin layer of eyeshadow since I use wing eye lashes. As you can see... The fake lashes give you dramatic eye look. I use Etude House fake lashes in number 13 side and long.

Final 2nd Look

I really love the effect of the fake lashes, looks like fairytale princess eyes cause of the lashes.

I use a lot of Etude House Cosmetic product for this looks. Etude House is my favorite make up brand especially for their eye make up. I also like the packaging, Etude House always come with cute and pink packaging.

Here is the list of the product that I used
Both first and second look :
1. Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever
2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Sheer Silky Skin
3. Etude House Suprise Stick Concealer in shade no 2
4. NYX mineral powder
5. Benefit stay don't stray
6. Etude House shimmery eyeshadow palette in number 1 Pastel *I don't know the product name, picture is at the top*
7. Etude House Lovely cookies blush in shade peach parfait
8. Etude House Proof 10 Mascara

Special product for first look :

1. Etude House Oh M'lash line
2. Etude House Tear eye liner in number 1
3. Etude House Dear my Blomming Lips-talk in shade RD303
4. Peripera Peri's Tint Gloss in Sweet Cherry
5. Urban Decay 24/7 Eye pensil in shade Electric Blue

Special product for second look:
1. BH Cosmetics Day and Night eyeshadow palette
2. Benefit Hoola Bronzer
3. Stila all day waterproof liquid eyeliner in Intense black
4. Holika Holika heart full moisture lipstick in BG401
5. Etude House fake lashes in side and long (number 13)

That is all for this Make up Challange.. Wish me luck.. Will going crazy for Etude House Cosmetics if I win... ^-^...

Readers : Have you enter this competition? leave link bellow so I can see your interpretation of summer fairytale...


Jean Milka
20 komentar on "IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014 - Summer Fairytale"
  1. cantiknyaa ^_^
    good luck for us!
    this is my submission :D HERE

  2. cantik ci.
    aku lebih suka look yang kedua ci, lebih sweet :)

    1. Hahaha.. yang ke-2 buatnya pas siang hari... lebih ada waktu.. yang pertama tuch ngejar deadline... untung di perpanjang...

  3. jean salam kenal yaa..
    cakep 2-2nya...
    gd luck yaaa ^_^

  4. Cantik!! Suka banget sama look yang kedua <3

    Bella /

  5. The eyelashes on your second look makes your eyes look so pretty! :D

  6. Aku suka riasan matanya ♥♥♥
    Good luck ya.


  7. paling suka look yg kedua, tapi dua-duanya tetep cantik ^^

    new follower here :)

  8. hallo salam kenal.
    suka looknya, yang 2nd look lebih cakep soalnya bulu matanya bikin lentik :3

    1. Hai rimma... salam kenal juga... Iya aku juga suka efeknya bulu mata ke-2 ^-^ makasih yah...

  9. You look pretty! I love the second look :)

    Don't forget to join Hanake Label Giveaway on my blog, click here. Win the prize with total value IDR 450.000.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. Cantiik bangett... ih make up makeup n kosmetik kamu juga bikin aku ngiler terus... hmmm
    Good luck yaak

    Aku dah follow GFC sama Google+ kamu, feel free ya kalo mau follow back aku...
    Thankies cantiik

    1. Makasih Shinta... ^-^ Hope you enjoy my blog :)


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