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IBB Make Up Challange with Menard : Natural Glow Everyday Make Up plus Tips and Trick

17 Maret 2014
Hay Ladies....Another make up Challenge from Indonesia Beauty Blogger is here. This is the best make up challenge I have ever heard. You got chance to win IDR 2,3 million of Menard product and there will be 2 winners.

Do you know Menard? Menard is a Japan beauty brand that just lunched at Indonesia. Tsukika Liquid Foundation is the most excited product I want to tried *I have problem with find flawless foundation*.
Oh yeah.. first time I know about Menard was from blog review about Japan Beauty Week. Couples month ago there is an event name Japan Beauty Week that talk about new Japan Beauty product and Menard is ne of that. I am very happy that I was invited but feel very sad that I can't come *long story*.

This is the second time I join IBB MUC... Hope this time at least I can be one of the finalist. This MUC is quite easy but tricky actually. The theme is Natural Glow... natural make up is something I can do, I never be to much for my make up. For me, I don't want make up to change me to someone else. But Natural glow.. hemm...

My everyday natural eye make up 

I always stay away from any product that give me any glowing effect. I have oily skin, I can't live without oil control film. There is huge different between glowing and oily face. But I prefer to use matte finish foundation instead of glowing finish.

But since the MUC theme is Natural Glow... of course there should be glowing finish to the make up. I prime my face with luminizer primer and combine my matte finish foundation with liquid luminizer that suppose to give you dewy finish.

I can't believe it... I am kinda shock by myself after I see the result. I never tried this technique before. At the end my face looks glowing and dewy, not really like Korean make up but it's looks glowing and healthy. Best part is my face doesn't looks cakey or oily. It's still matte finish but looks glowing. *too many glowing word ^-^*

My trick for this glowing and dewy face :
1. Prime your face with luminizer primer
2. If you have oily skin like me, just use your matte finish foundation but combine it with liquid luminizer
3. Apply highlighter on your cheek bones and drag your brush to the top of your brow *just half of the brow*.

My eye make up trick :
1. Use natural shadow. For me natural shadow I prefer brown or pink tone shadow.
2. You can use dark brown as eye liner color instead of black
3. Highlight your brow bone to give your eyes more dimension
4. Skip waterline eye liner (no dark eyeliner)
5. Apply nude shimmery shadow on waterline like pink or champagne shadow

Product I use :
1. Benefit Girl meets pearl
2. Wet n Wild coverall cream foundation + Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer
3. NYX Mineral Powder
4. Urban Decay Naked (original) eyeshadow palette
5. Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner in shade dark chocolate ink (number 32)
6. Etude House Tear Eye Liner in shade number 1
7. Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara
8. Benefit Hoola
9. Benefit High Beam
10. Benefit Coralista
11. Holika Holia Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Kit
12. NYX Butter Gloss in shade Vanilla Cream Pie

This last picture that I send for the competition... Hope at least I can be one of the finalist...

Make sure you vote for me if I make it.. ^-^.. I suggest you to join if you are a blogger. Since it's quite easy and who don't want to tried Menard cosmetics?

Readers : Please let me know what do you think about this look... and actually I haven't decide which picture I should pick to send to IBB.... Which one is the best?


Jean Milka
17 komentar on "IBB Make Up Challange with Menard : Natural Glow Everyday Make Up plus Tips and Trick"
  1. kawaii ci xDD
    btw, itu softlensnya pake apaa? sukaaaaa ❤

    a HELLO from <a href="“>Kawaii Fuku </a> ❤

    1. Maksih neni.... Itu dari @sparklingchix *instagram... Natural banget sich softlens nya....

  2. Woooo cantiknya ^_^
    Flawless banget.... Good luck ya cantik ^_^

    1. Makasih Kornelia... Salam Kenal yah.. Sering dech baca-baca tutorial kamu...

  3. cakep banget, ce. muyuuss wajahnya. good luck ya ^^

    1. Makasih yuni.. Salam kenal yah.. and thanks selalu like post aku di IBB group.. ^-^

  4. I would recommend the one with the "okay" sign! ^_^

    1. Thanks a lot for your recommendation Valerie... Noted that

  5. I really like the last one. ^^

  6. haii..
    You look so cute dear >.<..

  7. Dewy effectnya natural banget kak ^^
    Salam kenal ^^

    1. iya... soalnya kan temanya tetap... Natuiral Glow.. Jadi pengennya ngasi look yang natural banget tapi tetap glow dan fresh...

      Salam kenal juga...

  8. bagus cantik ih.. mulus beud mukanyaaa.. pake skincare apa say?

    1. Hai Liza... hahaha... aku sich pake body shop banyaknya... tapi ada gabung juga sama SK II, The Face Shop sama, leniege...

  9. haloooooo !! <3 salam kenal!! you look so kawaii and innocent with this look! really natural glow! ngg udah milih mau pake foto yg mana? aku suka kedua sama keempat terakhir deh, itu expose glowy face nyah <3 good luck yah! aku juga ikut sih tp blm ngerti makeup2an.. masih for fun aja X-D - Sherry


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