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This is ... Etude House Shimmery Shadow Quad

11 Maret 2014
Hello Beauty Lovers..

Last post I create a Make up looks using this shimmery palette from Etude House (check the looks here). But the problem is I don't know what is the name of this product.

It's an old Etude House collection. I am not sure when I get this one. But this is one of my first make up item. When I was at high school,
I prefer to choose eyeshadow color based on my favorite color or the packaging, which make I have quite a lot of un-wearable color. ^-^

Since I explore more about beauty, I more understand which color I should use for which make up looks. Basically it's comes with 2 shimmery color, that are white, pink, yellow and sky blue. I like the color but not really like it on my eyes. It's really shimmery that will leave micro glitters all over my face when I used it.

But when I use it with eyeshadow primer it's bring pop up colors on my eyes which is I like. Here is the swatch for this product. I don't think you will find it again now. It's not really pigmented since it's really shimmery and it's also  have a lot of glisters.

What I want to say in this post? never bought a shadow just based on your favorite color ... ^-^
Overall I am not really like the pigmentation and formulation of this shadow, but I think the color is nice for make up art.

That is all for my post.. I am not really review this product since I don't think you can get this product nowadays, But I would like to know your recommendation for shimmery shadow palette... Let me know by write comment down bellow


Jean Milka
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