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Pink Manicure : Spring in Pastel Nail Art

31 Maret 2014
Hay guys...

Here is another nail art for this season which is spring. Actually this is my last week nail art but I just have time to post about it.

I really loved the color combination. It's really me which is full of pastel and soft color. Rose nail art is the easiest nail art that anyone can do actually.
You can check my video that I create for this rose nail art tutorial here. Basically you only need to dot a circle as base color, and swirl another color in the middle of the first color. It's basic nail art that you can do with dotting tools or tooth pick.

It's quite rare that I have time to do nail art now days. If you don't have time for nail art,here is a tips for you, you can paint your nail with basic color, and doing the nail art in another day. You don't need like 1 hours to do nail art in one day but you can spare 15-20 minutes for 2 different days.  And always use fast dry top coat to save time.

Here is the nail product I use for this nail art. I use Etude House Help my Finger for base coat and Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat.

Based color : Models Own Scented nail polish in Banana Split
Nail art dot effect : Elianto nail polish in shade S09

Rose nail art color :
Base color - Pink Coral: Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Vivid in shade number 6813
Swirl color - White : Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Vivid in shade number 6865
Leave color - Green : Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Vivid in shade number 6820

Here is the result, as you can see I create the rose nail art in L shape. For my pinkie I only create a dot.

I hope you like it. I hope I can spend time at Japan on this season one day, look at the all pink and romantic Sakura with someone I love ^-^. That's is one of my life wishlist.

Oh yeah... I also become one of the finalist for Indonesian Beauty Blogger make up challenge with Menard. so if you don't mind....

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This is the Picture that make me become one of the finalist


Jean Milka
10 komentar on "Pink Manicure : Spring in Pastel Nail Art"
  1. Gyah gyah cakep banget nail artnyaaaa X)

  2. Kereen banget nail art nya.... so neat and adorable... ^^

  3. ci jean ternyata jago nail art juga yaaa?? wowww.. :O
    aku mah give up deh soal beginian hahaha.

    a HELLO from <a href="“>Kawaii Fuku </a> ❤

    1. eh ada neni... hehehe.. g jago juga lah.. gitu2 aja.. ntar ku ajarin kamu dech.. mudah kok

  4. baguuuuus rapi banget pula. agak2 kayak cath kidston ya.
    aku pake kuteks basenya aja berantakan xP


    1. iya nich.. ntar pengen buat banyak nail art yang terinspirasi dari Cath Kidston. Belajar pasti lama2 bisa kok :) aku juga dulunya berantakan...

  5. cici kuku ny lucu bgt .. ajarin hehe
    makin lama makin jago nail art ya si popoh ku ini hehehe ...

    1. Makasih... Mudah kok... kalau belajar pasti lama-lama bisa dech


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